Photographs by James Macove. My way of seeing.


Man and Woman, Paris

Man and Womens Legs

Louvre Musicians, Paris

Louvre Musicians

One Way, Williamsburg

Williamsburg One Way

Parisian Butcher, Paris

Parisian Butcher

Woman and Child, Perpignan

Woman and Child

Benito at Vesuvio Bakery, New York

Vesuvio Baker Benito

La Boqueria, Barcelona

La Boqueria

Doorway Reflection, Paris

Doorway Reflection

Moulin Rouge, Paris

Moulin Rouge

Man Biking, Barcelona

Barcelona Man Biking

Louvre Musicians, Paris

Louvre Musicians

Bench and Bird, Barcelona

Bench People with Bird

BariGothic Alley Men, Barcelona

BariGothic Alley Men

Seine Lamp Post, Paris

Seine Lamp Post

Williamsburg Car, Brooklyn

Williamsburg Car

River Cafe Bartender, Brooklyn

River Cafe Bartender

Latin Quarter Pears, Paris

Latin Quarter Pears

Tour Eiffel Chairs, Paris

Tour Eiffel Chairs, Paris

Shop Window, New York

Dean Deluca Window

Cheesecake Window, New York

Cheesecake Window

Beaux Arts Window, Paris

Beaux Arts Window

Girl Looking Back, Perpignan

Four Men Standing, Paris

Playland, Coney Island